Holiday Menu Planning for Food Intolerances

The Holidays are here and undoubtedly people with food sensitivities are worried about all the festive meals and parties they will be attending and have little or no control over what is being served.   Another group with fear in their hearts are hosts and hostesses that will be entertaining family and friends of whom someone is restricting their diet for health issues, weight control, environmental philosophies, etc.

If you are eating at someone else’s home, be sure to talk with the host/hostess ahead of time and explain your food concerns.  Ask if there will be any foods that are gluten free or sugar free or dairy free or whatever you are choosing not to eat.  It is usually a good idea to offer to bring a dish that you have prepared that will be completely safe for you and anyone else that chooses to eat it.  If you are the host/hostess you could check with your guests before the holiday meal and make sure that some of the menu is gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, etc.  Another good idea is to write out the ingredients in each of the dishes you are serving and ask your guests to check the ingredients if they have any concerns.

The point is that everyone loves to eat and with a minor amount of effort you can find delicious, healthy recipes for every holiday tradition.  The holidays do not mean that you have to suffer a setback in your health or weight loss program.

Happy Holiday Eating!!!


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