Toxins, Detoxification and Allergies

I would like to discuss toxins, detoxification and allergy today. We all know that we live in a very toxic environment. We have increasing pollution in our air, water and food supply.  After just recently moving to Phoenix from the east coast where the wind blew constantly off the ocean and a lot of the airbourn toxins blew away, I am just now realizing how much smog and toxins I am inhaling on a daily basis.  I have also come to realize that I have an allergy to something in my new environment, maybe more than one.  Suddenly I am sneezing and my eyes are more sensitive  This often happens and I see it constantly in my practice when someone moves to a different area of the country or world, they find they are allergic to some tree or pollen in the new area.

So what can I do to help my immune system deal with this new environment that has some allergic component for me and is filled with gas fumes and smog?  From my training as a BioEnergetic Senstivity and Enzyme Therapy (BioSET) practitioner I am first going to assess the areas of toxicity in my body.  Often toxins lodge in one or more organ and we are unable to expel them, hampering the organ function.  The organs most involved are the lymph, liver, kidney, lungs and colon .  Through muscle testing I am able to find the specific organ where the toxins are concentrated and find the exact remedy that will stimulate drainage and expel the toxins from my body. I use a number of remedies produced by Apex Energetics.  Gentle Drainage, Lymph Drain, Liver Drain, Kidney Drain, etc.  I highly recommend this line of products.

By helping my body let go of these toxins and eliminate them from my body, I am taking some of the stress off my immune system and it is less hampered in dealing with the allergy that is causing my symptoms.

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